Absentee Excuses


Excuse for Absence Form

When a student is absent from school for any reason, the parent is required to prepare a written statement explaining the reason for the absence.

It is the responsibility of the parent to see that this written excuse is received by the school. (Even if a parent calls the school to report the absence of a student, a written excuse and/or parent email is still required.)

If an excuse has not been received by the school within three (3) days following the student’s return to school, the absence will be considered unexcused.

Parents who wish to confirm receipt of written excuses by officials may call the grade level secretary following the student’s return to school.  Parents will be informed at this time whether or not the written excuse requirement has been fulfilled.

Click here for an Excuse for Absence form

You may use the excuse form by checking the appropriate reason, adding the appropriate Parent/Guardian signature, and then returning this form.  A written excuse may also be submitted as follows:

1. Email reason for Absence or submit a written excuse signed by a parent/guardian to building secretary.
2. Fax or US Mail excuse by a parent/guardian and/or medical excuse to building attendance secretary.
3. Take picture of signed parent or medical excuse with a Smartphone and email/scan directly to attendance secretary/building secretary. 

If the district does not receive a valid response within three school days of a student absence, this absence will be permanently categorized as UNEXCUSED.

If giving written statements directly to the student, parent/guardian is highly encouraged to double-check that their child is submitting "the excuse" to school staff in a timely manner.

When a student has 10 or more excessive absences or said absences are of a questionable nature, school buildings may issue a medical excuse requirement and file citation(s) for six or more "habitually truant" absences.

Your anticipated cooperation is appreciated to ensure that your child attends school each day and that a required written excuse is submitted immediately following any day of absence.