Team Expectations

 Our behavior and conduct impacts not only ourselves, but our teammates and the team as a whole.  Thus, we will seek to conduct ourselves in a way that will never embarrass or reflect negatively upon the Carlisle Esports, the Carlisle Esports coaching staff, the Carlisle Athletics Department, or the Carlisle Area School District.  


In an effort to promote EXCELLENCE in the Carlisle Esports Program and myself:


  1. I agree to follow all Carlisle Area School District policies and rules throughout the season.These include, but are not limited to:Attendance and tardiness guidelines; grades and academic standards; smoking; use of alcohol or illegal drugs; any type of illegal behavior; etc.Failure to follow these will result in school-imposed consequences as well as any consequences related to the team as decided on by the coaching staff and/or Athletic Director.


  2. I will help the team by attending and being on time for all practices, meets, and team events.If I will be late

    or unable to attend any of the above I will notify the coach ahead of time by phone, e-mail or written note.  My parent(s) will also be aware of the situation.  If I arrive late for practice, I will have a note from a parent or teacher.  If I don’t, I will be sent back to get one.  (Please make every attempt to schedule doctor, dentist, and appointments at other times).  I understand that I will receive 3 excused absences for any activity that my parent or guardian says is a priority.  A 4th, 5th, and 6th absence will be treated as strikes referenced below in Section V.  Exceptions to the absence policy will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the Head Coach (GM).  I understand that Carlisle Esports will make every attempt possible to avoid conflicts with athletics practices. Esports practices may occur on weekday evenings, weekends, and possibly Bison Block.


  3. I understand that not all practices will end at a standard time.Some days may be shorter than others, while others may be longer depending on the needs at hand.


  4. I will be accessible to the coaching staff during competitions.If I am not competing or preparing to compete, I will be actively engaged in supporting my teammates who are.


  5. I will always conduct myself respectfully while representing Carlisle.We will remove athletes from the team who are not giving their best or following instructions from the Coaching staff.I understand that these actions are disruptive in nature and cost the coaching staff valuable time that could otherwise be spent on athletes that are trying their best.Any disrespectful behavior towards officials, opponents, coaches, fans, etc. is inappropriate and does not promote excellence in our program. Disrespectful behavior includes, but is not limited to: cursing, failure to follow directions, deliberately slacking off, vandalism to property, academic ineligibility, etc. Any behaviors deemed to be disrespectful will result in a strike being issued.A second strike will necessitate a meeting with a parent, and finally if the student is issued a third strike, the coach may choose to remove the athlete from the team. Each athlete reflects upon the Team, the coaches, the school, and the community of Carlisle.


  6. In an effort to promote team unity, I will travel to and from competitions with the team.If it is absolutely necessary to travel separately, I will have written permission signed at least 24 hours ahead of time by a parent/guardian and a school administrator.Notes are due in the Athletic Director’s office 24 hours prior to bus departure.


  7. I understand that my presence may be required if Carlisle choses to host a competition.


  8. I know my health and well-being impacts my team.I will still attend practices and other team events unless directed otherwise by the coach or medical personnel.If I am directed to seek a medical opinion from an outside physician, I will make sure that the High school Trainers are aware of all outside medical recommendations.


  9. I understand that the coaches are doing the best they can to balance the many needs of the Carlisle Esports Program, the team and each of the athletes individually.I will consider that their decisions may at times not seem best for me as an individual, but are done in the best interests of the team, even if I or my parents do not agree with them.I (or my parents and I) will schedule an appropriate time to discuss any concerns with the Head Coach (GM).If that fails to bring about resolution, then we will schedule a meeting to include the Athletics Director or necessary School Administrator.



  10. Poor Sportsmanship Clause-If I or my parent initiates any type of physical or verbal assault against an opposing athlete or coach I understand that I could be removed from the team as such behavior has no place in High School athletics.If a situation occurs along this vein please notify an event coach and/or the Head Coach immediately and let us take the proper channels between or among meet officials, coaches, athletic departments, or whatever appropriate level to create an acceptable resolution.Do not take matters into your own hands; doing so would be a complete and total embarrassment to everyone associated with Carlisle Esports.


  11. I understand that everyone can earn a place on this team so long as they are contributing to the team.That can be as a varsity contributor, or by simply showing improvement in your own personal abilities, year to year.This is an after-school club team seeking to become a Varsity team.If you are in 9th grade, or in any grade and new to Carlisle Esports, you have a roster spot if you can abide by the team rules that precede this one.The team roster will be determined through tryouts after the coaching staff has reviewed your efforts.Athletes will not be cut from the club during preseason based on their abilities relative to each other but based upon their own personal performance year to year.If an athlete has been on the team previously and has not shown improvement to the coaching staff over last season, he or she will be removed.Any student can be a member of Carlisle Esports, but each competitive team may have cuts. There could be exceptions such as a medical issue or condition and such issues will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis by the coaching staff and the Athletics Director.



Failure to follow any of these expectations, or any other behavior that embarrasses the program, may result in consequences related to the team as decided on by the coaching staff and/or school administration.  This could include, but is not limited to, loss of playing time, suspension, or expulsion from the team.