Student Things to Consider

Choosing to participate in this project is a big deal. Honestly, life might be easier for you if you don’t get involved. However, the challenge to your intellect and your creativity, as well as your organizational skills, is well worth the effort. You will be enriched personally and professionally by participation in this established competition. We look forward to celebrating your success in these events.
Judging Criteria
When choosing a topic, students should give careful thought to how their research might enhance the world and its inhabitants. Scientists try to understand how nature works. Engineers create things that never were. An engineering project should state goals, describe the development process and evaluate improvements. 

Creative Ability
Are the question and procedure stated? Is this a testable question? Does the question and the procedure/design show creative ability? How were the problems encountered solved? What further research is appropriate? 

Scientific Thought
Is the problem/design validated by scientific literature? Are the variable and controls clearly defined? What graphs, photos, diagrams, and statistics were used for analysis? How is the analysis of data interpreted 
in the discussion/conclusion? Are references listed? 

Engineering Goals
Is the solution workable/economical to produce? Is there a real-life use for the solution? 

Were the conclusions based on replication? How much time was spent on the project? Is there a journal documenting progress? Did the project meet its objective? 

Does the student demonstrate that he/she did the actual work? 

Is the written material well-prepared? Is the project display self- explanatory? Are the data and results clearly presented? Can the project be duplicated by following the stated procedure?

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