Special Event Check-In Procedures

The following procedures will be used to register visitors for special events such as concerts, field day, class parties.

Option 1 –Register

·        Prior to the event, an RSVP link will be sent out to all notification emails for a student.

·        If a visitor has already registered through the visitor management system for a prior visit AND has completed the RSVP in the affirmative prior to the event, a badge will be printed on the day of the event.  

o   If a visitor is not in the management system and they RSVP, they will need to come into school during the hours of 9:30 am and 2:00 pm, and register. A badge will then be printed on the day of the event.

·        On the day of the event you will wait in the preregistered line to get your badge.

Option 2 – Don’t Register

·        On the day of the event a visitor can wait in line to register before gaining access to the school or event.

·        Depending on the number of visitors this could be a long process.

Please be aware that events will start at the scheduled times. We cannot guarantee that you will see the entire event if you haven’t followed option 1.