10 Frame Fill
Classroom Focused Software Privacy Policy

100s Board
Rubber Chicken Apps Privacy Policy

123 Kids Fun Music Free Top Music Games for Kids

5 Dice Math Game    
MathFileFolderGames Privacy Policy

ABC Alphabet Phonics-Preschool Games for Kids 
Grasshopper Apps Privacy Policy

ABC Genius-Preschool Games for Learning Letters
Alligator Apps Privacy Policy

ABC Magic Phonics-Learning Sounds and Letters 
Preschool University Privacy Policy
ABC Spelling Magic 
Preschool University Privacy Policy

ABC Star-Letter Tracing
habelnet Privacy Policy

ABC Talking Magnetic Alphabet
Dragonflies Unlimited Privacy Policy

ABCmouse.com- Early Learning Academy

Active Arcade - PE Class

Algebra Tiles by Mathies

Arduino Science Journal


Avaz ACC

Bandmate Chromatic Tuner

Big Math Flash Cards
Big Red Apps Privacy Policy

Bit Breaker - PE Class

Bitsboard Flashcards & Games
Grasshopper Apps Privacy Policy

Blending Board
Chain Reaction Games Privacy Policy

Blockly for Dash & Dots Robots
Wonder Workshop Privacy Policy

Blooket.com/play - Student's do not need to make accounts and Should not make accounts. Privacy Policy

McGraw-Hill Privacy Policy

Boddle Learning

Book Creator 

Boom Cards
Boom Learning Privacy Policy



Bridge Construction Sim
Aidem Media Privacy Policy

Build a Body: Biology Systems (Middle School Only - students will not make accounts)
Spongelab Privacy Policy

Build A Word Express- Practice spelling and learn letter sounds and names

Butterfly Math
Pyzia Privacy Policy

Calculator #

Canva (students should use school office 365 username to set up education account)

Cargo Bridge HD Lite

Cell Energy Photosynthesis Lab
Andamio Games Privacy Policy


ChatterPix Kids
Duck Duck Moose Privacy Policy



Classical Music Masters Vol 1
MagicAnywhere Privacy Policy




Coin Crash

Counting Bills & Coins 
K12 Privacy Policy

Counting Coins 
K12 Privacy Policy

Core Trials - PE Class

Crazy Snowboard - PE Class

Daisy the Dinosaur
Hopscotch Privacy Policy


Destiny Discover 


Discovery Dairy

Do I Have the Right
iCivics Privacy Policy

Dolphin EasyReader
Dolphin Computer Access Privacy Policy

Draft Paper
Drawing Desk: Draw and Paint Art 
4 Axis Solution Privacy Policy

DreamscapesEDU - For Middle School Only

Duck Duck Moose Reading HD

Duo Lingo 8th Grade and up only



Endless Reader
Originator Inc Privacy Policy


Evo by Ozobot

Expeditions - Google - Students will use without setting up a google account
Google Privacy Policy

Fact Cards

First Letters and Phonics
Learning Touch Privacy Policy

Flip - Share, Discover, Be You

Follett Destiny

Fractions, by the Math Learning Center

Freckle Education

freeline Motion - PE Class

French and Indian War


Fry Words
Alligator Apps Privacy Policy

Apple Privacy Policy

Geoboard, by the Math Learning Center

Gettysburg AR Experience

Go Formative

Go for Dash & Dot Robots
Wonder Workshop Privacy Policy

Google Chrome

Google Earth

Goosechase - grades 6+ only - students should use app as a guest.  

GoSkyWatch Planetarium for iPad-Astronomy Guide

GoTalk Now
Attainment Company Privacy Policy

Green Screen by Do Ink

Green Screen Live Video Record
Appsfresh Privacy Policy

Harriet Tubman
TimeLooper Privacy Policy

Hearbuilder Auditory Memory

Hearbuilder Following Directions

Hearbuilder Phonological Awareness 

Hearbuilder Sequencing


Homer: Kids Reading & Learning

Hopscotch: Coding for Kids

iCivics Apps - Do I have a Right, Race to Ratify, Win the White House, Law Craft, Executive Command, Branches of Power, Argument Wars

Fingerlab Privacy Policy

Apple Privacy Policy

Inspiration Maps

Inspire Science 3d (McGraw Hill)

Iron Horse Story

iTooch 5th Grade Language Arts
eduPad Privacy Policy

iTooch Elementary School App 
EduPad Privacy Policy

IXL- Math and English


Jumbline 2
Brainium Privacy Policy

K12 Money


Khan Academy

Khan Kids

Kids A-Z
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KNFB Reader