FAQ for Remote Learning Day

Will elementary students have assignments and activities for their special classes such as music?

Students will be expected to complete lessons for classes that are typically scheduled for that day to include specials in physical education, health, art, music, library and counseling.

What happens if a student does not complete the remote learning assignments?

Students that do not particulate in the learning activities, will be marked absent.  Parents/guardians must submit an absentee excuse within three (3) days of the FID or the absence will be considered unexcused.

Middle and high school students may lose the point value or grade for the assignment. This loss of points could negatively impact a student’s marking period grade. Each teacher weights learning activities and assignments differently. It would be in the best interest of the student to complete the assignments within the three day window. 

What if a student is on a pre-arranged absence?

The student would be expected to make up the learning activities and assignments within three days of returning to school just as if it were any other absence from school.

How is a student expected to complete the activities if they go to a child/daycare when school is cancelled?

If the student cannot access the internet or take a paper-copy of the learning activities and assignments to the day care to complete that day, the student would have three days to complete the activities for course credit.  However, students will be marked absent if they were unable to participate or complete the assigned activities.

How much time is my student expected to take to complete the assignments?

Teachers have designed learning activities and assignments that are equivalent to time spent on a similar activity on a regularly scheduled class period. Students working independently on an assignment will likely take less to time to complete the assignment compared to a large group setting. Teachers will make every effort to assign an approximate time to each activity or assignment. 

May a student access the assignments or complete the online assignments from their Smartphone?

Teacher websites can be accessed from a variety of tablets, Smart phones, laptop and desktop computers. The assignments may use a variety of websites and applications that may or may not work from a variety of devices.

Will there still be make-up dates built into the district calendar?

Yes, make-up dates will continue to be built into the district calendar. A remote learning day is an option that may be used in place of one or more cancelled school days or make-up days but may not be used for all cancelled school days in any given school year.