Laptop, AC Adapter, and Case: Repair, Lost, Stolen

Helpdesk: Room V02, behind Fowler Building. Click here for map.
Open during all three lunch periods. 

Laptops may not be repaired by any other individual or organization outside of the CASD Technology Department. Students are responsible for all costs by 3rd party repair and damage resulting from those repairs.

Any damage believed by school administrators to have been caused deliberately will be classified as vandalism. Students will be billed for the total cost of repair for damage caused by vandalism and incur disciplinary action. If the laptop is misplaced, lost, or stolen on school property, you must notify the school immediately. If the theft that occurs off school property; the parent/guardian/student should contact the local police department and file a police report. Parents and guardians may choose to procure homeowners or other personal insurance for the district laptop.

Students are expected to bring the laptop to school every day with a completely charged battery. A broken or forgotten laptop is not a legitimate excuse for incomplete school work.

A limited supply of laptops will be available from the high school library for students that forgot their laptop or if the laptop is being serviced. Cost is $5/day and the laptop must be returned to the library by 3:00 pm or 15 minutes following early dismissals the same day. The cost will be waived if the laptop is being serviced for non-malicious damage.

Picking up and dropping off laptops in a timely manner is the responsibility of the student and will not serve as an valid excuse for being late to school or class, or for leaving class early.


If you would like to purchase your own charger you may do so, however, it MUST match the information below. 

Lenovo Charger 
Model #- ADLX45NLC2A
Part # - 45N0474

Lenovo Equivalent:

Dell Charger
Model #4332752610