Middle School Info

Carlisle Boys Middle School Soccer  

Spring 2022


First, we will not be having a kick-a-round this week.  I thought it best to give you the week to prepare for the start of the season on Monday.

The first day of tryouts is next Monday, March 14th from 3-5:15pm at Lamberton.  Please make sure you have cleats, shin guards and water (please leave your soccer balls at home).  Also, check the weather and dress appropriately.

            Lamberton players will gather their stuff after school and go to the cafeteria and wait for me to arrive.

            Wilson players need to sign up for the transfer bus to come to Lamberton…once you are at Lamberton you will go into the school to the cafeteria and join the Lamberton players and wait for me to arrive.

If you still need to turn in physical forms, impact test completion, etc.… it needs to be to the trainers by this Wednesday.  If it isn’t done by Wednesday, you will not be eligible to participate in the first day of tryouts.

Next week scheduled will be:

Monday-Wednesday – we will have tryouts from 3-5:15pm…Wednesday, we will stop early and make team selections (two teams)

Thursday-Friday – we will commence normal practices from 3-5:15

Saturday – this will be our only Saturday practice from 10-12…we will hand out uniforms as well

During preseason practices will end at 5:15pm and once games begin our practices will end by 5:00pm.  The coaching staff will be very appreciative if you plan to have your sons picked up at those times.

Once team selections are made, we will hand out additional information such as schedules, parent meeting information and picture forms.

I have attached the boys soccer guidelines for you to read, this will be discussed in detail at the parent meeting.

The coaching staff look forward to a great season!


Rob Wiley

Carlisle High School Boys Soccer

Middle School Head Coach

[email protected]