Clever is a single sign in service that gives teachers and students access to an assortment of applications used by CASD.  For example, you can access Seesaw, Progress Learning, Discovery Education,, e-hallpass, and Naviance using Clever.  

To sign into Clever:
1. Visit

2. Click Log in as a Student

3. Elementary and middle school students may login one of two ways: Using a Clever Badge (which is a QR code) or with their school email address and password.  Reach out to your child's teacher for this information.  
a. Clever Badge: Click Clever badge login and scan the QR code.
b. School email address and password: You will need to enter your School and then your school email address and password.  

4. Once you are logged into Clever, you can simply click on the application that you are trying to access and it will log you into that application automatically.