Career Objective Form Information

All Carlisle Area School District students who are enrolled in Career and Technical Courses and Programs will be doing their annual review of their Career Objective Form with student services staff and their teachers.

What this means: In their program areas each student will review their career goals for being in his or her current career and technical program or courses. Each student will also review future career plans or options that might include employment, two or four year post-secondary schools, and military. This review will be done via a teacher or director presentation. 

Here is what we need from you: students will bring their Career Objective Form home. Parent or guardian will review the form with their student and then sign the form. The student will return the form to his or her teacher by the next day. Note their is a due date on the form, please return it by the due date. 

Teachers will then review the form and sign it. The form will then be reviewed with their school counselor during the course selection process, then signed by the school counselor and returned the to CTE Director's office.