Transportation/Bus Rules and Procedures

Bus transportation is provided for students beyond the prescribed walking distances and within the Carlisle Area School District boundary.  Secondary students living two (2) miles or less from the school they attend shall walk, and elementary students living one and one half (1½) miles or less from the school they attend shall walk.

Walking distances to the bus stop for secondary and elementary school students is determined by the side roads, it does not include any private lane or walkway of the student’s residence.  Secondary and Elementary students could be expected to walk a distance not to exceed one and one half (1½) miles to a bus stop. Where sidewalks and/or private driveways are located along the assigned routing of such buses, bus stops shall be located as to be central to the residences of students assigned to the bus.

School Bus Rules and Regulations

Safety on a school bus requires the school district to enforce the rules for proper school bus conduct.  The school bus driver is authorized to enforce the rules of conduct that must be adhered to within the policies set forth by the district.  Misconduct will be reported, in writing, to the school administrator who will discuss the incident with the student and take appropriate action.  Students who misbehave on the bus may be suspended from the bus by the building administrator.

When a driver’s attention is called away from the road, the chances of accidents increase.  Good student behavior is critical.

Rules for Student Conduct:

At the Stop:

  1.  Students must be at the bus stop at least (5) minutes before the bus is scheduled to arrive.
  2.  Students must obey everyday safety rules and not stand or play on the road; they must also respect the property of others.
  3.  Students must not approach the bus until it comes to a complete stop and the red lights and crossing gate are activated and all traffic has stopped.
  4.  Students are to enter the bus using the handrail and take a seat without delay and disturbing other passengers.
  5.  Students may board only assigned buses and may board only at the bus stop they are assigned. Boarding another bus requires a bus pass.
  6.  A parent or guardian must be at the bus stop to receive kindergarten students. If other arrangements are being made, please notify the school office. If there is no parent or guardian at the bus stop then the kindergarten student will be returned to their school at the end of the bus route.

While on the Bus: (These rules also apply to field trips and athletic trips)

  1.  Students must obey the bus driver.
  2.  Do not distract the bus driver, they must concentrate on driving.
  3.  Students may not block the aisle or emergency door.
  4.  Items that cannot fit on the child’s lap may not be taken on the bus. Musical instruments, large duffle bags, class projects or other uncontrollable items. Students may not take up additional space with their belongings.
  5.  Students bringing small toys to school must keep them in their bookbag while on the bus.
  6.  Anything with a strong odor in not to be opened/sprayed on the bus.
  7.  Students are to be assigned a seat and stay in their seat. The bus driver, for reasons of discipline or order, has the right to change a student’s assigned seat on the bus.
  8.  Students must remain seated while the bus is in motion or if the bus is delayed on the road.
  9.  Students are to use a “quiet” voice when talking on the bus; shouting and yelling will not be tolerated.
  10.  Students must not extend their arms, head or other items out of the bus windows.
  11.  Students may not spit inside the bus or out the bus windows.
  12.  Nothing is to be thrown on the inside or outside of the bus.
  13.  The bus should be kept in a clean and orderly fashion.
  14.  Students must not damage or tamper with any parts of the bus or use the emergency door except in the case of emergency.
  15.  Roughhousing, fighting, vulgarity, profanity, throwing items in the bus or other improper conduct is not permitted.
  16.  No smoking or other use of tobacco on the bus, no vaping.
  17.  No eating or drinking on the bus.
  18.  Weapons are prohibited.
  19.  Fighting is prohibited.
  20.  Students may not play any type of device without headphones on the bus.
  21.  Students may depart the bus only at their assigned stop, unless a bus pass is given.