Academically Challenging Topics (ACT)

The Carlisle Area School District provides enrichment, support and acceleration for students identified as gifted through its ACT (Academically Challenging Topics) program. In keeping with Pennsylvania’s regulations for the provision of special education services to gifted students, the ACT program includes enrichment classes at the elementary and middle school levels, and a varied menu of seminars, intellectually engaging activities and additional support for the college search process at the high school level. Carlisle High School’s curriculum includes accelerated, honors and Advanced Placement courses for students who qualify.

More specific information about the programs at the elementary, middle school and high school levels can be found through the links below. Questions about the identification of students as gifted should be directed to the student’s guidance counselor. Questions about the ACT program in general should be directed to the Office of Special Education.

• Elementary ACT Program
• High School ACT Program