Just for Kids

Just for Kids... 

Did you know that your counselor...         
visits your classroom sometimes? 

talks with you when you are sad?                                                   
talks with you about your schoolwork?
talks with you about yourself and others?
talks with kids’ Moms and Dads?
helps groups of boys and girls? 

lets you visit in her office when you need to?                        
Did you know that there are many ways to see your counselor at school? 
You can ask your teacher if you may see the counselor.
Your teacher can ask you to talk to the counselor.
Your Mom and Dad can ask the counselor to see you.
The counselor can invite you to her office.

Did you know that there are many things to do in the counselor’s office?  
You can talk about things that are important to you.
You can use puppets to help you talk.
You can talk with other children that are there.
You can just sit and think about a problem.
You can talk with the counselor about ways to handle your problems.
You can learn things to help make school a good place to be.
You can learn how to make friends.
You can take tests to help your teacher and parents understand more
about the way you learn.
You can play games that help you learn about yourself and other people. 

Did you know that your counselor can talk to your teacher and your Mom and Dad about: 
how you get along with your classmates.
how you get along with your schoolwork.
how you are a very special person.