WITF On-Air Resources

WITF operates two television channels- WITF TV and WITFK (24/7 PBS KIDS programming).  
Each of our programs focus on a specific content area and are suggested for the following age groups:

Curious George
* Focus areas: science, engineering, and math
* Broadcasts weekdays at 7am on WITF

Cat in the Hat Knows A Lot About That
* Focus areas: science and innovation
* Broadcasts weekdays at 4pm on WITFK

* Focus areas: imaginative play, discovery and literacy
* Broadcasts Fridays at 10:30am on WITF, everyday at 9am on WITFK

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood
* Focus areas: social-emotional skill development
* Broadcasts weekdays at 10am, 10:30am, 7:30pm and weekends at 7:30am on WITF, and weekdays at 2:30pm and 3pm on WITFK

Dinosaur Train
* Focus areas: life science, natural history and paleontology
* Broadcasts weekends at 6:30am on WITF, weekdays at 4:30pm on WITFK

Sesame Street
* Focus areas: cognitive skills, social skills and school readiness skills
* Broadcasts weekdays at 11am and 7pm and weekends at 7am on WITF, and weekdays at 2pm on WITFK

Peg + Cat
* Focus areas: math and problem solving
* Broadcasts weekdays at 8:30am on WITFK

* Focus areas: positive social skills, reading and writing
* Broadcasts weekdays at 6:30am on WITF, weekdays at 7am and 8:30pm on WITFK

Ready Jet Go!
* Focus areas: space, earth science and technology
* Broadcasts weekdays at 6am on WITF, weekdays at 8am on WITFK

Nature Cat
* Focus areas: nature and exploring the outdoors
* Broadcasts weekdays at 7:30am and 3pm on WITF, weekdays at 5:30pm on WITFK

Molly of Denali
* Focus areas: literacy education, informational texts
* Broadcasts every day at 8:30am and 4pm on WITF, and weekdays at 7:30pm on WITFK

Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum
* Focus areas: character and social studies
* Broadcasts weekdays at 9am and 4:30pm on WITF, weekdays at 1pm and 6:30pm on WITFK

Let’s Go Luna!
* Focus areas: cultural experiences, global awareness and civic skills
* Broadcasts weekdays at 9:30am on WITF, and weekdays at 5pm on WITFK

Odd Squad
* Focus areas: mathematics, teamwork and problem solving
* Broadcasts weekdays at 5pm on WITF, weekdays at 7:30am and 8pm on WITFK

Pinkalicious and Peterrific
* Focus areas: creative problem solving and communicating through art.
* Broadcasts weekdays at 11:30am on WITF, weekdays at 9:30am and 3:30pm on WITFK

Martha Speaks
* Focus area: oral vocabulary
* Broadcasts weekdays at 1:30pm on WITFK

Wild Kratts
* Focus areas: science, nature and wildlife
* Broadcasts weekdays at 8am on WITF, and weekdays at 6pm on WITFK


My World
* Focus areas: media literacy and current events
* Broadcasts Fridays at 4:30pm

* Focus areas: science, technology, engineering and math
* Broadcasts Friday at 4:00pm


Middle to High School
* Focus area: natural history
* Broadcasts Wednesdays at 8pm on WITF

* Focus areas: science and innovation
* Broadcasts Wednesdays at 9pm on WITF

Great Performances
* Focus areas: arts, culture and performance
* Broadcasts typically Fridays at 9pm or Sundays at 12pm on WITF

* Focus areas: Investigative journalism
* Broadcasts most Tuesdays at 10pm on WITF

Washington Week
* Focus areas: Public affairs and current events
* Broadcasts Fridays at 8pm on WITF