Meet the Nurses

’s Certified School Nurses (CSNs) are all Registered Nurses with a minimum of a Bachelor's Degree and special certification for school nursing.

Ms. Diane Lello R.N., C.S.N. - Carlisle High School-McGowan Building

Ms. Jennifer Tollett R.N., C.S.N. - Carlisle High School-Swartz Building

Ms. Kimberly Herman R.N., C.S.N .- Wilson Middle School

VACANT                      C.S.N - Hamilton Elementary School

Ms. Elaine Rampulla R.N., C.S.N. - Head Nurse - Crestview Elementary School

Additional Nurses
 supplement the state required CSN staffing at multiple schools:

Ms. Amy Smith L.P.N. - Bellaire Elementary School

Ms. Kerry Wheeler R.N. - LeTort Elementary School

Ms. Stephanie Cohick R.N. - Mt. Holly Elementary School

VACANT                         - Mooreland Elementary School

Ms. Anna Ellis R.N. - North Dickinson Elementary School

Ms. Laura Hume R.N. - Lamberton Middle School

Ms. Marion Ledgett R.N.- Christian School of Grace Baptist Church and Lamberton Middle 

VACANT  -   Float Nurse