General FAQ

What Are School Health Services?

These include...

The State Mandated Health Screening Program:

Height, weight, BMI* and vision measured every year

Hearing screening at grades K- 3, 7, 11

Scoliosis screening in grades 6 & 7

Dental exams required in grades K, 3, 7  

Physical exams required in grades K, 6, 11


Any problems noted in the screening programs are discussed with the parents and a referral is made to have further evaluation done by the appropriate professional.

Parents are encouraged to have their family health care providers, optometrists and dentists complete the required exams, and documentation of these exams must be given to the school nurse.

BMI (Body Mass Index) measurement is a part of the State’s initiative to address the growing problem of childhood obesity and the health risks associated with being overweight.  Parents will be notified of their child’s BMI electronically.

If you are opposed to your child participating in any of these screenings, please contact the building nurse. 

What are the Ongoing nursing services?

• Assessment and management of illness and injury occurring at school, contact with parents, and if needed, transportation for emergency treatment.
• Administering over-the-counter medication as indicated, through standing orders and parental consent.
• Administering prescription medication at school. A written order must be provided to the school nurse by your child's health care provider.
• Health education and advice, both one-to-one and in groups.
• Nursing management at school of students with special health needs.
• Middle and High School nurses are members of the Student Assistance Team and make referrals for emotional and mental health concerns.
• School nurses work closely with parents and other faculty members to ensure that health problems do not interfere with the students’ education.
• School nurses may organize health fairs and run support groups.

Is There a Nurse in Every Building?

There is a full time nurse in every building every day. The State law (Public School Code) mandates that there be one (CSN) nurse for every 1500 students.(A nurse may be responsible for fewer students, but not more). Carlisle Area School District meets that requirement and also supplements the Health Services staff with RNs, so that every school has a nurse full time.

Who are the School Physicians?

The School Physicians are the Carlisle Pediatric Associates. They provide consultation to the school nurses, and also do physicals at school. Also providing school physicals is Dr. Brophy.

Who is the School Dentist?
The School Dentist is Dr. William Spruill. Dr. Spruill conducts dental exams at school and is available for consultation to the school nurses. If your child needs dental care and you do not have a family dentist or dental insurance, contact your school nurse, who can make a referral for you.