Safety and Security

The Carlisle Area School District employs a number of school security officers who aim to improve and upgrade our safety and security systems and protocols on a consistent basis.  The officers have completed National Association of School Resource Officers Certification as well as various training required by Pennsylvania School Code.  In addition, the district has appointed a School Safety and Security Coordinator to oversee the security officers as well as review and develop the school districts safety and security procedures.  The district has also entered into a contract with a school safety advisory firm to support the Coordinators efforts.  

Every school in the district has a comprehensive emergency plan, drafted with support from local law enforcement, fire and emergency medical services to include county public safety officials. Reviewed and updated annually, the district safety plan features a number of emergency procedures and directives, including drill guidelines and response protocols.
The Board of Directors have recently participated in a joint meeting with all first responder agencies as well as attended an overview of school safety and security provided by the advisory firm. Preparing for myriad emergencies is critical to our efforts to provide safe and secure learning environment for our students and staff.