Science Fairs and Competitions

This website will give students information on science competitions available to them throughout the course of the year.  Please read each of the descriptions provided and click on its' corresponding tab to the left of the main webpage.  

This year all participation in the Science Fairs are VOLUNTARY and are not required for certain courses. If you have any questions about this, please have your child contact their science teacher. 

Carlisle Area Science Advisory Committee (CASAC):
 This science fair is a poster board presentation format.  I
nformation, rubrics, rules, and requirements can be found by going to CASAC


You can register by going to:


Pennsylvania Junior Academy of Science (PJAS ):
 This science fair is a presentation competition. 

Please check or click PJAS


Capital Area Science & Engineering Fair (CASEF):
 This fair is a poster board and presentation based fair. 

More details will be announced through CASEF's website, which can be found here: CASEF

Please remember that each competition has its own tab in the student Schoology Science Fair Group page.

It is mandatory that ALL projects comply with ISEF rules.  Disqualification will result if these rules are not followed. Please familiarize yourself with these rules by going to the "ISEF Rules & Guidelines" and "Rules Wizard" in the Science Links tab to the left.

Science Fair Coaches:

Mr. Mark Smeltz - Carlisle HS McGowan

Ms. Wronski - Carlisle HS McGowan

Ms. Meg Marchetti- Lamberton Middle School - Phone 717.240.6800 (ask for LMS)

Mrs. Allison Thumma - Wilson Middle School - Phone 717.240.6800 (ask for WMS)

Here is an inspiring five minute video from the nonprofit group IRIDESCENT: