Step by Step Directions for Seniors in Naviance

Carlisle High School’s Comprehensive Guide to Document Requests through Naviance

General Information:

* All college applications require high school transcripts.
* To request a CHS transcript all students must use Naviance.
* The first step is go to and click on "student." Then search for Carlisle High School and then choose "log on with active directory." Type in your email ( and password (same as district log on.) Choose the Naviance icon. You will search with postal code (17013) to find Carlisle High School.  The student’s username and password is the same as their district username and password.
* Students should complete their college application BEFORE requesting a transcript.
* Most of our students complete the college application on the college’s website.  A small group of students utilize the Common Application because they are applying to multiple, highly selective colleges/universities that accept the Common App.
* If you are doing your college applications through the website then STOP.  Get the hand out for instructions for using Common App with Naviance and follow those steps FIRST.  Then continue following these directions.

IMPORTANT REMINDER: This is not an instantaneous process.  Transcripts need to be created and reviewed. Forms need to be completed and letters need to be written.  We require you to submit your transcript requests 10 school days before a deadline. 

To request a high school transcript for a college application:

  1. Sign into using your district logon.
  2. Click on “Colleges”
  3. Click on “Colleges I’m Applying To”
  4. Click on the large red “ + “ sign to add the college name.
  5. Select “College Application Transcript” 
  6. Select “Initial”
  7. Indicate if you want your unofficial SAT or ACT scores included.
  8. Click Submit
  9. THEN – go back to “Colleges I’m applying to” and review the delivery type of your applications, the deadlines, etc. If any schools have the word “unknown” in blue, click that word and indicate if you are using the Common Application for this school or not.

Repeat these steps for all the colleges to which you submitted an application.  Note – you may come back at any time and add additional transcript requests.

To request a teacher letter of recommendation:
1. Always ask a teacher, in person, first if they are willing and able to write you a letter of recommendation.
2. Login to Naviance at using your district login.
3. Select the “Colleges” tab across the top of the screen.
4. Go to “Teacher Recommendations” near the bottom of the screen
5. Choose “Add new requests”
6. Select the teacher and add a personal note if you desire.
7. SCROLL DOWN and select “Update Requests”.

This will send an email to the teacher stating your request and will add the request to the teacher’s Naviance account. It will also record that you have requested it in your Naviance account. When the teacher has completed the Recommendation, they will mark it as Completed and it will show in your Naviance account so you can keep track of your application materials.

** Only send the number of teacher recommendations that is required by the college/university.  (It is ok to send none. If they are not required then the school will probably throw them out!)

Keep track of your application materials and status:

Login to Naviance frequently and review your application status.
* Check the dates transcripts were sent/submitted
* Check the status of pending letters of recommendation
* When you receive a decision from the college, click the edit icon (pencil) under Actions to update your Status (Accepted, Waitlisted, etc.)

Contact the McGowan Counseling Center: (717) 240-6800 ext. 26805 if you have any questions.