Mac Griest Award

The Mac Griest Award is an annual award is given to the Carlisle wrestler who shows unwavering support for Carlisle wrestling regardless of if they win or lose. They also exemplify the highest levels of sportsmanship, perseverance and work ethic. The recipient is the wrestler who works hard but may not always end up winning in theend. Mac Griest was a great supporter of Carlisle Wrestling for many years before he passed away in 2007, and the recipient of this award are student athletes who will cherish the idea of Carlisle Wrestling, and what Mac has stood for in our program.

Mac Griest Award Winners (By year)

Year Name
1993 Jeff Eppley
1994 Bob Hansen
1995 John Knudsen
1996 Justin Hays
1997 Aaron Jones
1998 Jeff Hendrix
1999 Noah Cline
2000 Ben Bouder
2001 Shane Wivell
2002 Ben Epenshade
2003 Drew Nickel
2004 Rocky Brent
2005 Rocky Brent
2006 Andy Morrison
2007 Joe Hall
2008 Anthony De Lucio
2009 TJ Keyes
2010 Matt Blessing
2011 Will Warrick
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