CHS Student-Parent Handbook

A copy of the CHS Student- Parent Handbook will be made available to all students who enroll in the CVA Program of studies. Academy students are responsible for adhering to the contents of the all guidelines addressed in the handbook. The handbook contains information about high school activities and services; it also provides applicable general information, and both the district and high school discipline codes. While the handbook is written with the traditional student in mind, most of the information is pertinent to CVA students as well. CVA students will be required to sign a form acknowledging receipt of this handbook and well as the CVA Manual.

The handbook topics shown are most applicable to CVA students:

 1. Dances
 1. Academic Integrity
 2. Extracurricular Acxtivities -
 2. Cumputer AUP Violations
     Code of Conduct
 3. Dress/Appearance
 3. Extracurricular Eligibility -
 4. Drug/Alcohol Policy Violations
 5. Expulsion
   6. Harassment: includes bullying
 7. School Police
 1. Attendance
 8. Smoking Policy: Act 145
 2. Breathalyzer
 9. Suspension
 3. Change of address/phone
10. Trespass
 4. Computers- Acceptable Use
11. Weapons: Act 26
 5. Dress/Appearance
 6. Electronic Devices
 7. Emergency Closing of school
 8. Entering Buildings:CVA -
      related mtgs/bus only  
 9. Graduation
10. Grading System
11. Honor Roll
12. Identification Cards  
13. Media Access to Students  
14. Parent Conferences  
15. Parent On-line Access  
16. Pictures
17. Promotion/Graduation
18. Rank-In-Class
19. Student Records (Military Access)
20. Summer School Admission Guidelines
21. Withdrawals/Transfers
22. Work Permits

Disciplinary System

 1. Overview
* All sections apply to CVA Students
 2. Detention

 3. In-School Suspension
 4. Discipline Code