Academic Support Services

Please note the following provisions related to academic support:

1. The online course content and assignments are aligned with the PA state standards. They are written by highly qualified educators according to a multi-step review process.

2. Lessons are designed to incorporate multiple instructional methods/techniques as well as to address different learning styles. Courses have online textbooks written specifically to accomplish lesson objectives. Lessons also have assessments designed to gauge student’s understanding of the objectives. 

3. Students will work through the Virtual Administrator and/or their counselor as well as their parents/guardians to establish the proper placement in courses. Considerations for placement will be previous courses taken, previous grades, credits earned, other pertinent assessments, graduation requirements, and career/educational goals.

4. Each online course has an instructor who will serve as the first point of contact to provide academic support to the students.

5. The Virtual Administrator and/or the assigned counselor will monitor the student’s progress and, if necessary, coordinate assistance. Progress monitoring by the district includes:

Communications- tracking student/teacher communications via email as well as student/school communications.

Reports- monitoring reports show such components as online activity, grades, failures, and attendance.

Note: it is also the responsibility of students and parents to monitor progress as indicated in the Expectations section of this guide.

6. Students are required to take all state (and school) mandated assessments. They should consult the Virtual Administrator regarding this requirement (which is based on the student’s grade placement).

7. Students (and their parents/guardians) have access to the student’s attendance and grades online. The student’s attendance and academic progress can be checked on a continual basis simply by logging onto the online portal.