Flexible Instructional Day (FID)

The Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) approved the use of Flexible Instructional Days (FID) as an alternate form of instruction in place of a day otherwise cancelled due to inclement weather or District emergency.  PDE will count this as a full day of school.  The District has been approved to use up to a maximum of five (5) FID for this school year.  The FID will be held on the day of the District closure.

The District will determine, on a case-by-case basis, if a day that otherwise would be cancelled will be a FID or will be made-up on a designated Snow/Weather Make-Up Day as published on the CASD School Calendar. The decision will be communicated via the notification system for school closures and schedule changes.

Prior to a FID, students will be provided with an explanation and access to work that will need to be completed during the FID. Students are expected to complete assignments for all classes that would normally meet on the FID. All assignments are setup for most students to complete independently. However, younger students or students with accommodations may require support from an adult.

Students will access activities for that typical school day through their Seesaw (grades K – 5), Schoology (grades 6 -12), a paper copy or information downloaded to a device for offline access.

If your child is absent from school during the preparation of a potential FID and does not have their school device at home, you will be able to pick up your student’s device if there are no comparable resources at home for the student to utilize on the FID.

Work Participation
Students must participate in the FID activities on the actual day designated as a FID.  Students who do not participate on the FID will be marked as 'absent'.  Further, a parent/guardian must provide an absentee excuse within three (3) school days, or the absence will be considered unexcused. Participation may be demonstrated in one of three methods:

  • * Students may submit work through their Seesaw or Schoology account.
  • * Students or parent/guardians(s) may email activities to the classroom or course teacher(s) who have made assignments for the day.
  • * If the student does not have access to Internet on the FID, the student or parent/guardian may call and leave a voicemail message for the building/attendance secretary verifying that they were able to participate on the FID with off-line assignments for attendance credit. Phone extensions are listed at the bottom of this page.

Work Completion
Students may submit assignments during the FID or in paper-copy the next day.

  • * Recognizing that students may face other circumstances on a day of inclement weather, students will have three days beyond the FID to complete all assignments.
  • * Students who do not complete the assignments within three days  may experience a reduction in grade for missing work consistent with District policy.

Your child’s teacher(s) will be available for assistance via email from 9 am-12 pm and 1-3 pm during the FID. Your school’s principal, counselor and nurse will also be available on a FID via email.

The District believes that using a Flexible Instructional Day will allow students and teachers to continue the learning process while responding to a weather closure in an efficient manner.  

Frequently Asked Questions

If unable to access Seesaw, Schoology or submit via email, but activities were completed off-line, please call and leave a message verifying that the student has participated at 717-240-6800.

Bellaire x12805, Crestview x22805, Hamilton x14805, LeTort x25805, Mooreland x36805, Mt. Holly Springs x46805, N. Dickinson x56805, Lamberton x15805, Wilson x19815, Carlisle High School x26827