Web Access to District Directories

Accessing your school documents using the CASD WEB

Detailed instructions for WebAPP 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The WebAPP will only work with Internet Explorer. Firefox, Chrome and Safari will NOT work.

1. Enter webapp.carlisleschools.org into your URL. Hit ENTER.

2. The CASD Web Portal login screen will appear. Use your CASD login information here, just like you were using a computer on the campus. The CASD/ must precede your USERNAME.

3. Once logged in you will see the list of applications for your use.

     • To access an application - click ONCE on the icon for the program

     • To access your files - click ONCE on the icon name EXPLORER to see your network folders.

4. SAVE often, this will prevent any loss of information. SAVING is not automatic on the portal.

5. LOG OFF when finished with use. Click on the LOG OFF icon at the top of the screen. Do not hit X to close the Windows, this will not log you off.


Mac OSMAC users will need to first download the Microsoft Remote Desktop APP to access WebAPP. Once downloaded and configured, then will only need to click on MRD icon to access CASD WebAPP (only Window users would need to enter URLs).


SETUP & INSTALLATION: Please complete using instructions in PDF below.

MRD IconUSAGE: Click on Microsoft Remote Desktop icon from your MAC computer (must be installed first)

1. Configurations should transfer from initial setup (URL in Remote Resources dialog box = https://webapp.carlisleschools.org/rdweb/feed/webfeed.aspx)
2. Enter CASD network USERNAME
3. Enter CASD network PASSWORD