Student Teaching, Pre-Student Teaching, and Observation

The Carlisle Area School District appreciates that you want to conduct your student teaching, pre-student teaching and/or observation hours in our school district and we want to honor and process your request as quickly as possible. However, for the security and safety of our staff and students, all requests must come through and be approved by your college/university. You may not contact individual teachers directly prior to this approval process. Please have your college/university representative (education department, field placement office, college advisor, or professor) contact Dr. Karen Quinn, Director of Curriculum and Instruction, to process this request. The request can be sent to Dr. Quinn at . The request must include:

1. College/university student’s name and e-mail contact,
2. total hours required,
3. start and ending date when the student teaching, pre-student teaching, and/or observation hours can occur,
4. level (elementary, middle, high school) and/or subject you are requesting; and,
5. other pertinent information related to the requirements of this placement.

Dr. Quinn will approve the request and notify the college/university with the student’s name, teacher name, and teacher contact information. Once the request is approved, the college/university student may utilize the teacher’s e-mail address to set up dates and times for the student teaching, pre-student teaching, and/or observation.

We are extremely pleased that you are considering the teaching profession as a career goal and that you have chosen the Carlisle Area School District to work with our professional team of teachers!