Course Offerings

Course Offerings: credit values shown

English I, II, III, IV- 1 ea
Honors English 9th and 10th-1ea
AP Language and Composition- 1
AP Literature and Composition- 1
Honors American Literature 11th-1
Honors British and World Literature 12th-1
Creative Writing- 1
Journalism – 0.5
Grammar & Composition- 1 (remediation course)

Algebra I, II- 1 ea
Geometry- 1
Integrated Math- 1
AP Calculus AB- 1
AP Statistics- 1
Trigonometry- 0.5/Pre-Calculus- 0.5 (have to be paired to match our curriculum)
Calculus- 1

Physical Science- 1
Earth Science- 1
Honors Earth Science-1
Environmental Science- .5
Biology (compares to Biology I- opt I)- 1
Honors Biology-1
Chemistry (compares to Applied Chemistry)- 1
Honors Chemistry-1
Physics- 1
Honors Physics-1
Anatomy and Physiology I, II-1 ea
AP Biology- 1
AP Chemistry- 1
AP Environmental Science- 1
AP Physics- 1

Social Studies
American History- 1
World History- 1
Honors Modern US History 9th-1
Honors World History 10th-1
American Government- 0.5/Civics- 0.5 (have to be paired to match our curriculum)
Sociology- 1
Psychology- 0.5
Economics- 0.5
AP European History- 1
AP US Government- 0.5
AP Microeconomics- 0.5
AP Macroeconomics- 0.5
AP Psychology- 0.5
AP World History- 1
AP United States History- 1

World Language
French I, II, III, IV, AP French- 1 ea
German I, II, III, IV- 1 ea
Spanish I, II, III, IV, AP Spanish- 1 ea
Japanese I & II- 1 ea
Mandarin Chinese I & II- 1 ea
Latin I, II- 1 ea

Career & Technology
AP Computer Science A- 1
Computer Fundamentals- 1
Life Skills- 0.5
Accounting- 1
Game Design- 0.5
Web Design- 0.5
Personal Finance- 0.5
Career Planning- 0.5
Business and Healthcare Explorations-1
General Accounting I, II- 1 ea
Microsoft Word with Certification Preparation-1
Microsoft Power Point with Certification Preparation-1
Microsoft Excel with Certification Preparation-1
Microsoft Access with Certification Preparation-1
Introduction to Medical Terminology-1
IT and Manufacturing Explorations-1
Introduction to Computer Science-1-
Java Programming I, II-1 ea
Digital Arts I, II-1

Additional Offerings
AP Art History- 1
Art Appreciation- 0.5
Drivers Education- 0.5
Health- 0.5
Physical Education- 0.25
Nutrition & Wellness- 0.5
Music Appreciation- 0.5