Carlisle Indian School

Carlisle Indian School
Carlisle Indian SchoolConnecting with Carlisle Indian School

Lamberton 8th grade students had a chance to connect with our community’s past on Friday, April 12th.  Ms. Melissa Sprague-McCann visited the students to talk about the Carlisle Indian School. 

Ms. Sprague-McCann’s mother, Margaret Elm, was a student at the Indian School in the early 1900’s for almost seven years, and the presentation included many primary source documents and even a doll legend. 

Ms. Sprague-McCann is an honored elder from the Turtle Clan, part of the Oneida Indian Nation in New York.  The Oneida, part of the Haudenusaunee (Iroquois Confederation), was the only tribe to side with the patriots during the American Revolution for independence from England. 

A special thank you to Historic Carlisle, Inc. who financially helped to make this program possible for our students.