Carlisle Area Girls Soccer Association

CAGSA Board -

Jodi Askins, Co-President
Jen Hoffman, Co-President
Vinny Dimino, Secretary
Alicia Miller, Treasurer

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 News and Announcements:

  • We would like to thank you all for getting this season off to an amazing start! We especially appreciate how quickly everyone has responded to requests for volunteers, donations, and dues/socks payment.  
  • 1. Big thanks to those who have volunteered for committees/activities:
    Ball Runners - April Brymesser
    Sports Association Rep - Allison Thumma
    Team Blankets - Tara Young
    Banquet - Lauren O'Donnell 
                     Beth Diminio
                     Jo Byus
    Senior Night - Shelley Boback
                      Jorene Ring
    Yearbook - Jo Byus
                      Craig Hoffman
    Website - Lauren O'Donnell
  • There are still opportunities to volunteer so please let us know if you are interested especially if anyone is willing to video a game(s).  
  • 2. September is a huge month for concessions and team parties! We have some slots filled (thank you!) but are still in need of donations and volunteers for each date.  
    All events are listed for sign-ups on the Time To Sign Up page.  The link to it is:
  • In brief, we have the following events that need volunteers and/or food donations:
    1. Tuesday, 9/11 - Volunteers needed for the Sports Association concession stand during our JV and Varsity games against CD.
    2. Thursday, 9/13 - CAGSA Concession Stand at Wilson fields (Red Lion)
    3. Friday, 9/14 - Team dinner at the Byus' home (after practice 21 Moongale Dr)
    4. Tuesday, 9/18 - CAGSA Concession Stand at the Stadium (CV)
    5. Thursday, 9/20 - CAGSA Concession Stand at Wilson fields (Cedar Cliff)
    6. Monday, 9/24 - Team dinner at the O'Donnell's home (after practice
    7. 1215 Sadler Dr)
    8. Thursday, 9/27 - cupcakes for Senior Night
    9. Saturday, 9/29 - CAGSA Concession Stand at the Stadium (Boiling Springs)
  • Thanks again and as always feel free to email with questions, concerns or suggestions!