InfoSnap and Recertification


The Carlisle Area School District processes athletic forms electronically.  You must complete an INFOSNAP athletic form prior to participation in your son/daughters first athletic season of the school year. NOTE:  The INFOSNAP form that you completed for school registration is different than the athletic INFOSNAP athletic form that you need for athletic participation.

For any athlete to participate, the student-athlete must have the following:

  1. Completed the INFOSNAP athletic form
  2. Current physical exam (on or after June 1, 2018) on PIAA form (Section 6)
  3. Current IMPACT Test (within 2 years of the 1st practice date (August 13, 2018)

All student-athletes and parents will need to complete INFOSNAP together. The only hard-copy form required and accepted is the Section 6 Physical form, which is completed by the outside physician/ medical facility  who performed the exam.  If you are having your physical performed at the school, we will provide the Section 6 form for you.


Please make sure to read all directions before clicking on the link.

There is no SNAPCODE needed to complete this form.

ü      Logon to InfoSnap if you have an account.  If you are new to CASD, click “Create an Account”.

ü  Select the student-athlete. (If the student is not listed, click the link ‘To add another student’.

ü     Complete the forms in their entirety and hit SUBMIT.

  • If you are obtaining a physical from an outside facility, you will be able to print out the health history and physical exam paperwork to take to the doctor, on the page that appears after you click on SUBMIT. 
  • CASD will continue to provide sports physicals.  Go to ATHLETICS > PHYSICALS > SPORTS PHYSICAL EXAM DATES or Click on the link listed here:  Physical Date 2018-2019
  • In order to participate in a Fall sport, ALL forms are due to the Athletic Trainer's Room by 4:00 PM the Thursday prior to your first mandatory practice. Failure to have all three requirements done and turned in by may result in not be allowed to participate the 1st day of practice.