Student Responsibilities

Students enrolled in CVA have responsibilities and expectations that must be followed:

• Abide by all provisions of the Academy Online Educational Program Guide/ Program Manual, the Student-Parent Handbook, and the CASD AUP Policy.

• Attend required meetings with the Virtual Administrator and/or the assigned mentor.

• Comply with the provisions of school attendance (follow the school calendar).

• Complete daily lessons as instructed (adhere to the log in time commitment/expectation explained by the Virtual Administrator or assigned counselor).

• Complete all testing requirements as instructed- standardized and course-specific.

• Complete all semester course requirements within the established timeframe.

• Contact/notify the Virtual Administrator (or assigned counselor) with unresolved questions or problems after working with the online instructor/teacher. Students should seek assistance promptly when they are having difficulties; not wait for the school to realize there is a problem and to intervene accordingly.

• Note: Students who do not follow procedures, who violate attendance law (i.e. the attendance provisions of the PA school code), who break school rules (especially those that apply directly to the use of technology- AUP violations), or who demonstrate an inability to be successful in a virtual educational program format (at the end of each semester), will be withdrawn from CVA.