Virtual (Cyber) Academy

Carlisle Virtual Academy (CVA)

The Carlisle Virtual Academy (CVA)
is the district's online educational program of studies most closely paralleling a “cyber-school” experience. Academy students have the opportunity to obtain a regular Carlisle High School Diploma by completing all graduation requirements stated in the Educational Planning Guide. This option also provides K - 12 students with access to activities and services available to students attending the traditional educational program of studies in accordance with established board policy and administrative guidelines.

** New enrollments to CVA are temporarily on hold.  Please contact your building principals with questions. ** 

Students who enroll in the Carlisle Virtual Academy receive the following benefits:

Upon successful completion of the online education program, students receive  a regular Carlisle High School Diploma.

All students have access to activities and services afforded to students enrolled in the traditional educational program.

High-quality, standards-aligned curriculum.

Options to blend virtual program with traditional course delivery in areas such as music, art, and Career & Technology Education opportunities.

An academic mentor who oversees their educational program as well as instructional, counseling, library, and technical services.

Technology support and instructional support to facilitate academic progress and success with respect to their educational programs of studies.

Laptop OR reimbursement of up to $500.00 per semester for full time CVA students for expenses incurred by the students/parents related specifically to this educational program option. Receipts must be provided for any and all expenses made for the CVA Program. Students must successfully complete all courses in that semester. Examples of related expense are computer hardware and/or software, internet access (connection) fees, and educational supplies related to coursework.

Tuition free for full time and blended CASD CVA students.

If you are a student or parent who is interested in the Carlisle Virtual Academy, please contact your program administrator.