Welcome to the Science Program!

We are proud of the variety of science courses that are offered throughout all grades at the Carlisle Area School District.


All elementary students in grades K-5 have science embedded into their curriculum.


All 6th graders at Wilson Middle School and Lamberton Middle School are enrolled in General Science.


All 7th graders at Wilson Middle School and Lamberton Middle School are enrolled in Life Science.


All 8th graders are enrolled in Physical Science.

Physical Science

All 9th-12th graders are offered a wide variety of science courses, including electives in the sciences, as well as academic pathways that are found within these course offerings.


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Applied Chemistry, Grades 11 and 12(PDF - 676 KB)

Chemistry, Grade 11(PDF - 513 KB)

Honors Chemistry, Grade 10(PDF - 428 KB)

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