CASD Learning and Enrichment Plan

March 30, 2020

Dear CASD Families,

The past several weeks have been difficult for families and communities across our nation. Many individuals are concerned for family members’ health, have experienced loss of employment, or may simply feel uncertain and anxious in this time.  

Schools, too, are navigating new and uncharted territory as we must quickly and efficiently shift our educational program from the classroom setting to our students’ homes so that learning may continue in some fashion. This is not an easy or simple shift, and it requires immense coordination, adaptability, and creativity. 

With that said, we could not be more proud of our entire school community as teachers, students, and families have demonstrated support for each other and a positive outlook on this challenging situation. During these initial weeks of ending the third marking period and engaging in enrichment activities, our district has come together to continue our mission of teaching and learning.

We also recognize that students and families are experiencing feelings of uncertainty, anxiety, and even sadness about the possibility of missing end-of-year events. This is especially true for our senior class which is ending its time at Carlisle High School. Please be assured that we are sensitive to this, and we will provide timely information and do all that we can on behalf of our students. 

What is the new CASD Learning and Enrichment Plan?

We must now prepare for the likelihood that the current school closure will become long term due to the COVID-19 pandemic. This is especially pertinent given this afternoon’s address by Governor Wolf at which time he shared that schools are closed until further notice. The Pennsylvania Department of Education has directed school districts to provide a plan for the continuity of education in a modified fashion. In response, CASD will implement the CASD Learning and Enrichment Plan which will enable an organized, reasonable system of learning and enrichment to be implemented in lieu of traditional schooling.

We are mindful of our families’ diverse situations, needs, and abilities to be present to work with their children during this process. We have attempted to build a system which will be effective, but also simple, clear, efficient, and easy to manage for all families. 

How is this plan different than traditional schooling?

The District recognizes that it cannot fully replicate schooling in the online setting. However, we are committed to creating the best possible experience for students, families, and staff. To this end, we are committed to maximizing the at-home learning experience by focusing on these priorities:

  1. Reinforcement and Enrichment – Activities will review and solidify key content and skills which were already taught throughout the school year.

  2. Exposure to New Learning– Activities will introduce the most critical concepts and skills which would have been taught in the fourth marking period. This content will be important for students’ success in future courses and grade levels.

  3. Structure for At-Home Learning– Activities will provide structure and guidance for our students and families as they engage in at-home learning. 

How is this new plan different than the optional enrichment period from March 16th to April 3rd

While activities were optional for students in the first three weeks, it will now become the expectation that students are engaged with their teachers in an online setting and completing meaningful tasks and activities for class. Formal guidelines and expectations have been enacted for elementary and secondary teachers. Teachers will monitor student participation and engagement through online interactions and completion of activities. 

When does this plan begin?

During the week of March 30th (this week), teachers will set up their online platforms and plan the first weeks of learning and enrichment. Teachers will continue to provide optional enrichment this week. 

By next week (April 6th week), teachers will communicate with their students, share some simple and introductory activities, and ensure that all students have logged on and are comfortable in the online setting. This will considered a “phase in” week as we implement the new CASD Learning and Enrichment Plan.  

By the April 14th week, the plan will be fully implemented. At that time, students will receive clear expectations from their teachers. Every Monday morning, a checklist of sequenced learning and engagement activities will be created on these platforms. Students may then work at their own pace – with guidance from their teachers – to complete the weekly activities. Keep reading and visit the website for complete information on the plan.  

This type of learning will be in effect until we return to school or until the end of the school year. This will be determined as the situation evolves at the state level and in consideration of the safety and health of students and staff. 

Will my child need technology?

It will be important for students to have access to the type of device that they use in school (iPads in grades K-7, and laptops in grades 8-12).  If your student does not have access to that specific type of device at home, then please note the following:

  • Elementary school families should use this this link ( to reserve a pick up time to retrieve their iPad on Thursday, April 2nd.
  • Middle school families will receive direct communication from their building principals on device pick-up.
  • High school students should already have their laptops but will be afforded an opportunity to retrieve them if left in school.

Families who have adequate access to these specific types of devices at home do not need a school device to be successful in this plan.  

Note: Though Cumberland County is operating under a stay-at-home order by state government, it is permissible for students to retrieve devices at school locations. 

Where can I learn more about this plan?

More questions-and-answers on the CASD Learning and Enrichment Plan can be found on the website at

Information includes:

  • Weekly expectations for students’ learning and enrichment
  • Guidance on how families can support their children
  • Information on grading, GPAs, final grades, and students in danger of not passing a class
  • Guidance on technology and internet access
  • Information on access to school buildings and retrieving materials
  • Information on special education, 504 plans, ELD plans, and gifted education
  • Information on the cancellation or postponement of special events and activities

What should I do next?

We recommend that families do the following things:

  1. Visit to review the full plan.
  2. Visit to sign up to retrieve a device, if needed (elementary only).
  3. This week, continue to work on optional enrichment activities.
  4. Look for future communication from your principals and teachers on building information and course/classroom expectations. 

We look forward to partnering with our Carlisle families on the implementation of the CASD Learning and Enrichment Plan. Thank you again for your support, positive feedback, and flexibility. 

We continue to be in this together!

Christina M. Spielbauer