April 3: Family Communication for Phase-In Week

Dear CASD Families,

On Monday, April 6th, we begin our “phase-in” week of the CASD Learning and Enrichment Plan. Our teachers, administrators, and staff have been hard at work setting up their learning platforms and preparing communications. 

Many of you may have already received communication from your student’s teacher(s). If you have not, please look for those communications throughout next week. The purpose of the “phase-in” week is to ensure that everyone – students, families, and teachers – is comfortable in the new online setting and is able to access content and materials. Expectations from teachers will be light this week as we recognize that everyone is acclimating to a new system. 

We very much look forward to initiating our plan next week, and preparing for the full implementation of the CASD Learning and Enrichment Plan on Tuesday, April 14th. As a reminder, the full plan may be accessed at www.carlisleschools.org/COVIDPlan

Please remember that our spring break is scheduled for April 9th (Thursday), April 10th (Friday), and April 13th (Monday). 

We truly appreciate your flexibility, patience, and understanding as we continue to manage the challenges before us.

Christina M. Spielbauer