April 21: Family Communication Post Week 1

Dear CASD Families and Staff,

Thank you for a productive first week of the CASD Learning and Enrichment Plan. We have heard many wonderful examples of the student participation, creative and engaging activities, and meaningful learning which took place during these initial days. At the same time, we continue to reflect, learn, and grow as we navigate an entirely new learning structure. Shifting to remote learning continues to be an adjustment for everyone – our students, teachers, and families – and we are inspired to see such a high level of cooperation and flexibility across our entire school community.

The CASD vision statement is “Empowering Every Learner.” This is especially meaningful given our current situation. Please encourage your students to continue their learning, engage with their teachers, and to make the most of these final weeks of school. These weeks are not what we expected them to be, but we are working hard to make them important and relevant for our students.

As the end of the year approaches, we will continue to provide you with relevant updates and information.

Thank you again, and have a great week,

Christina M. Spielbauer