Flexible Instructional Day (FID)

The PA Department of Education (PDE) is reviewing an application for the Carlisle Area School District to utilize a Flexible Instructional Day (FID) when an otherwise cancelled day of school can be accomplished through learning activities completed at home.

A FID was previously referenced as an eDay.

A FID means that students would receive learning activities and assignments provided by the teacher that are to be completed outside the regular school setting. Students would receive learning activities and assignments for each subject that would have originally taken place during a regular school day. Activities may involve online and/or offline resources.

Learning activities and assignments would be posted through a FID link on each teacher’s website page. Teachers would be available to answer questions by email during defined “office hours”. These office hours would also be posted on the teachers’ website page. 

The learning activities and assignments may be include enrichment activities, extensions to the current lesson, or preview concepts and skills in an upcoming lesson. All assignments are aligned to the district’s curriculum and are setup for most students to complete independently. Younger students or students with accommodations may require some adult supervision. Students are expected to submit completed assignments to their teachers upon returning to school. Assignments will be accepted up to three days following an Flexible Instructional Day.

Frequently Asked Questions