Middle School Program

Middle School Career and Technical Education Program

The Best Stuff is in the Middle!

Carlisle's Middle School Program is designed to expose students to the different subjects that make up the Technology, Business, and the Family and Consumer Science disciplines. Students learn by doing as they are introduced to emerging technologies, content, and ideas.
The goal is to assure students understand the basics of the disciplines and to prepare interested students to pursue career and technical education electives at the high school level.

Family and Consumer Sciences

Mrs. Kori Pavlovich, Lamberton
Mrs. Melissa Klingel, Wilson

FOCUS:  Basic Sewing Skills, Food and Nutrition, Babysitting, Child Development, Managing Time and Resources, Laundry Skills.

Technology Education

Mr. Bob Over, Lamberton
Mr. Steve Hvizdos, Wilson

FOCUS: A Science, Technology, Engineering and Math focus (STEM) through the use of Discovery Education, Google Sketch and Bridge Builder.

Business Education

Mr. John Ross, Lambert
Mr. Greg Richards, Wilson

FOCUS: Proper use of the Computer, Keyboarding (timing tests), Elements of Microsoft Word, Formatting reports using the Modern Language Association (MLA) guidelines, Introduction to Power Point.